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Destin, Florida Spring Break

Destin FL
By Tia Etter

If you happen to stroll the halls of the high school this week, you may hear stories of the students’ trips and adventures they had over their much needed spring break. While the students brag about the places they’ve been, I stand by and shake my head because I know the truth. Without a doubt, Destin, Florida is the best place to vacation.

Located in the pan handle of Florida, Destin is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. With its beaches, shopping spots, delicious food and touristy attitude, it attracts many snow birds, especially Michiganders. 2013’s spring break had several staff and students from Flushing migrate to Destin this year for some 70 degree sunny weather. Senior Kaityln Cox said, “I loved the beach. Everyone was so friendly and social there!” I know from first-hand experience how friendly the people were. Could the adrenaline of spring break affected the people’s attitudes? Possibly, but I like to believe that the warm weather of Destin influences the happy/easy-going lifestyle of the people who live and visit there. Flushing also had several staff members in Destin over their break. “The beaches were beautiful, there were plenty of things to do and the food was amazing,” Security staff member Brenda Martinez said.

Over my spring break period, Destin had 70 degree and sunny weather for the most part. That was until the last two days of our trip. Unable to enjoy the sun, I found that Destin has some of the hottest shopping spots in Florida. There were multiple strip malls including stores like Old Navy and MC Sporting Good but there were small boutiques that sell everything from expensive jewelry to tribal masks. Destin is also home to Destin Commons, a beautiful outdoor mall including a new movie theater to house tourists like me on rainy days.

One cannot visit Destin without trying all of the local sea food restaurants. From lobster, to salmon, to shrimp Destin has the best of the best. Even if you aren’t a sea food kind of person, this little piece of paradise is sure to have something you’ll love to eat. Destin is not only home to many tasty franchises such as Bubba Gump Shrimp, T.G.I. Friday’s and Chili’s, but also to many other local luncheonettes like Pampano Joe’s, AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar and Jonny O’Quigley’s.

I have been to Florida many times in my eighteen years, visiting Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and the everglades but my top favorite place to vacation in Florida is Destin. So, if you’re looking for fun-in-the-sun, beautiful beaches, lovely boutiques, happy people and good food, make Destin your next vacation spot.