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More Spelling Bee winners

Congratulations to two more Flushing High School students who excelled at the annual Genesee Intermediate School District Spelling Bee today. Matt Karas and James Napier took the top two spots for the freshmen contenders this year.

9th grade GISD Spelling Bee winners:  Matt Karas (first place) and James Napier (second place)

9th grade GISD Spelling Bee winners: Matt Karas (first place) and James Napier (second place)


Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to Trey Thomas, first place, and Josie Himes, second place winners at the Genesee Intermediate School District annual Spelling Bee held today. Thomas and Himes took the top two spots at the 12th grade level while

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Fil

Trey Thomas and Josie Himes GISD Spelling Bee winners for 12th graders.

Ben Aurand earned third place for the juniors. The sophomore and freshman competitions will be held, Tuesday, March 12.

Marketing students have successful Valentine’s Day Sale

With Valentine’s Day long gone, Flushing High School offered a fundraiser that supported DECA, while also encouraging students to send something sweet to their valentine. Whether it was a friend or future significant other, this program was sure to spark interest. I spoke with Mr. Sirle about projected rose sales. His rough estimate was about 380 roses.

According to last year’s numbers, this was 25-30% higher.
Additionally, 68 Crushes were sold, which was a little less than last year, and 64 bears (combos included), were sent off to giddy teenagers, which was slightly more than last year. Here’s a pie chart to keep those numbers straight:

2012 rose salesRose sale compare


Thomas signs letter with Bethel College

Thomas signing

Congratulations to senior Chelsea Thomas who signed her letter of intent to play golf at Bethel College in the fall.  Chelsea signed her letter surrounded by her family and her future Bethel College golf coach in the North Cafe today.